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26 Dec 2013 by Inyoman
2 Jul 2012 by gybfnta
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2 Jul 2012 by krqfzyfetl
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30 Jun 2012 by hgmbunsuuu
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30 Jun 2012 by Carlos
- Thanks Meeg! I finally feel happy it's taken a long time but I do feel it now. I feel beessld to be living the life I lead even though it has its challenges. And about being honest, it's just part of why I write, I need to express how I really feel. I think part of this journey of parenthood is finding people who are living through the same things S K have a baby about 4-5 months ahead of us but basically our kids are almost the same age, and Matt and Sid have known each other since they were in CEGEP so it's like a continuation of that long friendship. I'm grateful that we do have friends who are still in the baby phase as we are. We can commiserate and relate. But I know what you went through too it's very isolating having a baby. All day is spent with the child and if you don't have any friends who are on Mat Leave at the same time and don't really know people in the neighbourhood who have babies, it can get quite lonely. I felt moments of this during the winter time for sure. So glad you are still my friend too, through everything I had to live through. I love you back Meeg!!

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